What Makes YOU Crazy?

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This week I’m linking up with Angie at Top Ten Tuesdays for Top Ten Tuesdays and Michelle at The Vintage Apple to talk about things that I do that might make other people crazy or things other people do that make me crazy.

— 1 —

Let’s start with things other people do that make me crazy since there are (obviously) more of those.  Elevator etiquette:  I actually read a complaint on Twitter a few days ago from someone who thought the people entering the elevator should get on first, then the people exiting should get off.  In what version of reality does this make sense?  Let people off first.  Then there is more room for people to get on.  Problem solved.

— 2 —

Retail salespeople who don’t say, “Thank you.”  I don’t care if I’m buying a two-dollar coffee in drive-thru or two hundred dollars worth of clothes and school supplies.  The money I hand you pays your paycheck.  Be polite.

— 3 —

People who block others’ visual or auditory enjoyment of a performance.  As above, I don’t care if it’s a five-dollar matinée movie ticket or a one-hundred-fifty dollar seat at the theatre.  Don’t stand up unless it’s time for a standing ovation, turn your cell phones off, and don’t carry on conversations louder than a whisper.

— 4 —

Don’t talk “at” people.  I don’t care how important you are or how superior you feel you are to the person to whom you’re talking.  If they are on the phone, writing, or in the middle of a conversation wait until you get their full attention before speaking if you actually want them to hear you.

— 5 —

Be compassionate.  You don’t know what someone else may be going through, so be polite and considerate at all times.  If you are not being treated with equal courtesy and consideration end the conversation and take it up with the next person up the hierarchy.

— 6 —

Oh, look, I only make it halfway with it being all about the things that make me crazy!  I know I drive my husband and children nuts by asking them the same questions over and over, but they’ve finally begun to understand that’s it’s not nagging, it’s just short-term memory loss from chronic pain and constant narcotics.

— 7 —

I don’t always answer my phone.  With caller ID, I always (or pretty much always) know who’s calling, but sometimes I’m just not mentally or emotionally up for a conversation.  Most people who actually know me understand this, though, and will leave me a message letting me know if they were just calling to chat or if they really need me to call them back.

— 8 —

Being late makes me totally insane.  I am fifteen minutes early for everything, and if I’m on time I still consider myself late.  This makes me a perfect patient and a lousy dinner guest.

— 9 —

My dogs are large, spoiled rotten, and badly behaved.  This means if you come to visit me you will be greeted at the door with barks, and eighty-pound dog jumping on you, and a hundred-pound dog lying sprawled in your lap if you sit down.  There is slobber, begging at the table, and other inappropriate behavior.  But I love my dogs more than most people I know, so that’s just the way it is.  I do keep benedryl on hand for those with allergies.

— 10 —

I do not hesitate to start conversations with strangers.  This still freaks my husband out, but it’s just part of the package.  If I see a family out at dinner with little ones I will stop and tell them how well-behaved their children were during dinner (unless they hit me with flying food).  If I see a woman wearing a sweatshirt with the emblem of a high school my youngest is considering attending I fill follow her around asking questions until her husband thinks I’m a stalker.

What makes you crazy?

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10 thoughts on “What Makes YOU Crazy?”

  1. My two big ones are people who are late and people who think they are the center of the world. They both have the same problem. They want attention. I forgot, people who have no clue about cell phone manners.

    What I do that annoys others. I never fail to mention the above to them.

  2. Oh my. First, yes to everything you said. Next, in no particular order, people who insist on going IN the EXIT, people who don’t use their turn signals, people who talk on cell phones in public places, people who talk about really private things on their cell phones in public places and then glare at ME when they perceive I’m too close/listening in… I could go on forever here, but then I would be a complainer, and those people make me crazy too.

    1. Oh, and the late thing. I am early for everything too. When people are late to things – especially to meet me – it makes me feel like they don’t think my time is as valuable as their own. I have a sister like this. It makes me literally shaky crazy .

  3. I’m with you on all these, but somehow I’ve always had good friends who were consistently late, so I’ve learned to live with that one. I told one of my bridesmaids the wedding was at five so she’d be there by six, and you know Dianna was late to her own wedding, right?

  4. Oh dear. Are you sure you want this?
    Things I do that make people crazy:- I’m always late. Not to life or death stuff but yes to everything else. I’m forgetful and easily distracted (See above about late) Ditto untidy, although, paradoxically, I like stuff to look pretty. Poor memory for faces, so if we’ve met, you’ll have to remind me. I like to correct people (I know! it’s awful, isn’t it?) even though I know it’s rude and socially clumsy (I’m getting better). I have no cell phone issues because I don’t have a cell phone (I stammer and it’s not good on a cell phone! People think the signal’s gone when really I’m just halfway through a sentence.) However, if you can’t talk when driving (because it’s stupid) and you can’t talk in public without people staring, why bother with a portable phone anyway? What else do I do? Ummm… Forgetful! Oh, I already said that.

    Wow. I just read that and it looks like I have a personality disorder… This is very therapeutic!

    What annoys me? :- People who are always early. I think it’s a kind of neurosis. Trust me, you’re not going to miss anything. People who talk about reality TV like it’s a two-way process and they’re somehow involved in the drama. People who will put a seat belt on stuff they’ve bought, to keep it safe, and then not strap in their children. (Next time I see that, I’m going to say something, so watch out for me on Faux News). Capri pants on women who are not Audrey Hepburn. If you’re short, or dumpy, please just don’t; put on a skirt if you want a breeze about your knees. Balding, chubby men who complain about how fat their wives are getting. People who will not try new/exotic food; it’s a kind of cowardice and men are the worst. People who damage old books (grrr). People who don’t listen to children who are trying to talk to them (double grrr).

    1. Doesn’t that feel better? You got it all out of your system 😉 I too, get a little flaky about people who don’t listen to children and about books. I have a lot of book issues, actually. My best friend once suggested that I take all the dustcovers off my books, that they would look better on the shelves that way. I’m a collector with a lot of first editions – I looked at her like she’d just suggested I skin my children!

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