What TV/Netflix Series are You Loving This Summer?


— 1 —

I’m one of those people with no self-control who binge-watches when a new season of one of my faves pops up on Netflix. But I’m not a spoiler, so don’t judge. I just want to say that this season of Orange is the New Black is my favorite so far!

— 2 —

 I’m currently watching Royal Pains, and I enjoy it because of the characters and the actors who portray them. But if the main character in a series is a doctor please, for the love of all things holy, get a physician in there to read the script for the pilot episode. I almost had to stop watching because of all the in-your-face medical discrepencies. Then they should have thrown a few bucks at anyone with some medical training – a medical assistant would have been fine – to watch them film. You can’t defibrillate someone through their shirt. #justsayin

— 3 —

Michael, John, and I rarely enjoy a show together – our tastes are too different. But BBC America’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is fabulous. You’re only two episodes behind if you start watching this Saturday, and depending on your cable providor you may be able to watch the two you’ve missed on-demand. Brilliant show, simply brilliant.

— 4 —

I vow to stop reading free Kindle books. I’ll stick to the library for my free reading. I’m all about a writer offering the first in a series for free, motivating readers to buy their other books because the first book was so well-written and the characters are so appealing the reader wants to know what happens next in their lives. That’s the excitement of finding a new favorite author/series! But I’m seeing an alarming trend whereby one book is chopped into three or four short sections, each ending with some sort of cliffhanger. Then each section is marketed as one book. No. That’s not a book. That’s a sample, and should be marketed as such.

— 5 —

The silver lining in that black cloud is that it has motivated me to start writing again. I’m still a long way from getting any of my three books published (not a series, just three contemporary fiction stand-alones), but I’m not at a stand-still anymore. That’s especially good timing since I’m finally going to be able to attend a writers’ group meeting this weekend. I’ve missed nearly all of them this year for one reason or another.

— 6 —

I still love Nerium – the products and the business. It doesn’t replace the rewards of working as a nurse, but in some ways it’s better. As a nurse I certainly was never able to help someone make a difference in their financial life!

— 7 —

Now it’s time to sneak in a nap, because last night was all storms and tonight is supposed to be the same. I, personally, love storms. I love the energy in the air, and even hard rain sounds so soothing. I can’t explain how something is exciting and soothing at the same time, but I feel the same way about the ocean. Sadly, our rescue dog, Boss, is terrified of storms. He trembles and whines while lying in bed between me and Michael, and I think he’d climb inside Michael’s skin if he could. Poor thing!

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