What Was Your Spring Break Theme?

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When the boys were young and I’d get to take Spring Break off I’d plan it all out.  One day would be “Zoo Day”, another would be “Library Day”.  We’d hit museums and parks and usually go to Lexington at some point to visit family.  This week reminded me again how glad I am that my cervical disc issues didn’t arise until the kids were older.  The theme this week was “mom lies on the heating pad and takes new meds while you do whatever you want”.  Luckily, that was fine with John.

— 2 —

We did go see The Hunger Games, since John has finished the first book and is working on the second.  I thought it was very well done.  I think one thing J.K. Rowling changed about the film industry was she proved that if a book is fabulous you really should stay as close to the book as possible in the movie.  I hope this is a trend that continues, because nothing annoys me more than going to see a movie based on a book I love and then seeing important characters and plot details changed for no apparent reason.

— 3 —

John did spend a day with some friends playing paintball, which he loves.  And the weather has been beautiful, so he’s been able to spend some time outside.  And since he’s thirteen, staying up half the night watching TV and playing video games and sleeping until noon really is a treat, so I guess the week hasn’t been a total bust for him.

— 4 —

My sister-in-law Marcia was in town from Ohio, and we got to catch up while she was here and spend a little girl-time shopping at Trader Joe’s.  We’ve had a Trader Joe’s for a few months, but I hadn’t really gotten the hang of it until I went with Marcia.  She has one at home and pointed out things she liked.  My favorite purchases: white bean hummus and dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans.  I also got some sparkling lemonade and blueberry granola bars that John loves, and there are a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge I haven’t sampled yet.  Oh, and the tomatilla salsa – super yummy!  Marcia bought something called “cookie butter” and we tasted it when we got back to the house.  Oh, my – heaven on a spoon.  I’m buying a jar of that next time I go.

— 5 —

Next week I will have been off work a year.  I think that’s why this Spring has me so down.  I keep thinking about how excited I was this time last year, how happy to have finally found the cause of my pain and a solution.  Never would I have thought that a year later I’d be watching the iris start to bloom, fighting pain that hasn’t abated at all, and struggling to get out of bed in the morning and remember to take my medications on time.  I thought I’d have been back at work since last June, maybe running again, perhaps even planning a family vacation.

— 6 —

A wonderful new ebook came out this week: That Works For Me!  It’s a compilation of helpful tips for nearly every area of your life taken from over five years worth of link-ups to the “Works For Me Wednesday” meme.  I have a giveaway going on through the 22nd if you’d like to win your very own copy.  I love mine, especially the Pets and Gardening sections, although I still haven’t gotten through the entire thing.  It really is an amazing amount of information to have in one book!

— 7 —

My latest book addiction (after reading all three of the Hunger Games books through back-to-back) is the Alex the Fey books.  I’m not usually much a spy/thriller reader, but the main character in these books is so compelling.  I downloaded the first one on my Kindle for free a long time ago and had never gotten around to reading it, and now I’m downloading and reading them as fast as I can.  Another great reason for authors who have a series out to put the first one out there for free – you pull in people like me who are awake and in pain at 2am and need to be distracted by someone who has bigger problems.

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