What’s in Your Bag?

If you don’t follow the killer funny blog Nice Girl Notes by Roo then you should. In fact, you should start following today and do a “What’s in Your Bag?” post and link up, or talk about what’s in your bag in her comment section if you don’t have a blog. Because, let’s face it, we’re all nosy. We all want to see what’s in other people’s closets, bags, and cabinets.


OK, so here’s my bag, which is a cute little Thirty-One shoulder bag my friend Dianna picked out for me.  I’ve got my big wallet/checkbook, hairbrush and claw clip for bad hair days, ELF plumping lip gloss in a couple of colors for when I want that Angelina Jolie pout, chapstick for the days I’m being more realistic, and dental floss because I’m a bit OCD about flossing.  Then there are the pain pills and muscle relaxers I can’t leave home without these days, my keys (with way too many of those little store cards on them) and my mp3 and earbuds.  Lately I’m listening to Hell On Heels by Pistol Annies all. the. time.  Of course the measuring tape for thrift store shopping, mints, emery board, and my precious iPhone in its Otterbox.  I would encase my car, my house, and most of my family members in Otterboxes if I could.  They make me feel safe.  Tissues, because I cry at the drop of a hat these days.  Seriously, I cried at my son’s orthodontist appointment because the receptionist told a sweet story about her daughter.  And a flash drive because you never know when you may need to download something.  The funny-looking silver thing near the front of the pile is a rosary ring, good for praying the rosary if I show up early for noon Mass on Fridays, which has become a habit for me.

I looked back at the Contents of my Bag post I did last time Roo did this link-up, and it made me sad to see the differences.  Back then I had advil and pain patches for my neck and back pain, which weren’t really helping.  Now I have heavy-duty prescription drugs and I’ve had two surgeries since that last post – and the pain’s no better . . . maybe worse.  Then my bag was weighed down with my work pager, cell phone, and IDs, and there was a lot more money in that checkbook.  Now I don’t have a job, and am battling my disability insurance company trying to pay my bills, the stress of which only makes the stupid pain worse.

But I’m still the same person.  I’m gradually learning that I’m not completely defined by what I do for a living.  I didn’t realize until July, when I lost my job because I hadn’t recovered enough from my surgeries in April and May to return to work, just how much I had relied of my job of nineteen years for my identity.  But I’m still me, and maybe this experience will help me choose an even better career for myself once I’m able to go back to work.  And I know it will involve chapstick, mints, and dental floss in my pocket.

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5 thoughts on “What’s in Your Bag?”

  1. Wow. Just had to make me look, huh?

    I got the basics: mirror, small hair spray, lotion, glasses, lipstick (of course!), keys…and that’s about it. Well, and a couple of rumpled up receipts and a band-aid partially out of the wrapper. Ain’t using that thing. Now, that’s about it.

    Well, again…except for the part of my phone charger that goes into the wall outlet. Really? Yes. Really. No clue why. It ain’t like it works on it’s on OR it’s doing me any good in there.

    I GOT to clean this thing OUT.

  2. Hey, I’m coming over from Roo’s blog! I love what you did with this post—the reflective aspect. I’m so sorry to read that you’ve hit some big road bumps this year.

    Carrying a tape measure is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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