Who Are YOU When You’re Hungry?

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SNICKERS® bars are part of a long-running joke in our family.  When my husband and I were dating he couldn’t hide his confusion the first time he saw me eat a SNICKERS® bar. I told him he’d just always been eating his wrong. I pull back half the wrapper, carefully eat the chocolate coating from the top, bottom, and sides, then eat the middle. That’s how everyone does it, right?

As our lives went on Michael soon learned that for me a SNICKERS® was the solution to pretty much any problem – at least short-term 😉 It was the solution when I was stressed out, sleep-deprived, starving, and had a big project due the next day in college. When I was a new nurse and came home so exhausted after three twelve-hour shifts in a row that I could hardly gather the energy to walk from my car to our apartment he’d meet me at the door with a SNICKERS®.
As the years have passed a hug and a SNICKERS® bar have gone a long way towards talking me out of my tree during two pregnancies and countless times I’ve simply spread myself too thin with commitments at work, at home, and with volunteer groups.

When Michael and I first saw the original #WhenImHungry commercial we just stared at each other in shock, then burst out laughing – it was like our house had been bugged!

So of course doing this post has been especially fun. The hardest part was making sure no one ate all my candy bars before I had a chance to take pictures!
candy aisle
The candy aisle at my local CVS isn’t hard to find: it’s the first thing everyone sees when they walk in the door. When this kind gentleman saw me taking pictures of candy bars he asked if he could help me find anything. His real question, of course, was, “Why is this crazy lady taking pictures of candy bars?” Once I explained he was very helpful, and pointed out the SNICKERS® peanut butter squares I’d walked right past. (Delicious, BTW. And perfect for sharing . . . if you feel so inclined.) He admitted that although he loved SNICKERS® and adored almonds he hadn’t let himself try SNICKERS® Almond yet, for fear he’d lose all self-control 😀 Funny the restrictions we put on ourselves, isn’t it?
cvs man
So I checked out with my candy bars and a couple of other must-haves I picked up along the way (I can’t resist a bargain).

But let’s get to the meat of the matter, shall we? I’m disabled because of back pain after four surgeries. I’m home all day because we are currently a one-car family. And here in Kentucky “Spring” means seventy degrees one day and thirty degrees the next, which wreaks havoc with my spinal column. So some days when my husband and son arrive home after my son’s band practice I’m, well, just not myself.
If my texts and phone calls with Michael during the day have lead him to believe someone other than his usually relatively sweet wife awaits he probably stopped on the way home to pick up a SNICKERS®.
me normal
By the time I’m halfway through I’ve regained my perspective. And I’ll probably realize I forgot to eat lunch. And I’ll promise myself to do better tomorrow. But sooner or later I’m gonna get hungry and grumpy again, so it’s a good thing we have a CVS close by for those #WhenImHungry emergencies.
How about you? Do you always remember to take breaks and eat a little something so you don’t end up ravenously hungry toward the end of the day? Or do you tend to get caught up in what you’re doing or distracted by the dozen things that all need to be done immediately? Maybe it’s time to create a SNICKERS® stash for those sorts of days!

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