Who Cries During Real Housewives?

Yes, I watch Real Housewives. Only Orange County and New Jersey, because I refuse to watch reality shows involving people I wouldn’t want to hang out with in real life (New York, Atlanta) and New Jersey is my favorite. I adore Caroline, and would love to sit and chat in the kitchen with the whole gang (except, of course, that crazy-ass Danielle) any day of the week. Since I have to get up so early every morning I always have to DVR it, and I just watched Monday’s episode, which focused on the baptism of Teresa’s fourth daughter, Audriana. Yes, it was totally over the top, especially Marie Antoinette serving sushi, but I LOVED the “first dance with our baby” that Teresa and Joe did, and have evidently done with all their children. It was a celebration of them as a couple, as new parents, and, as their older girls joined them on the dance floor, a family. Yes, I cried during Real Housewives of New Jersey. Then I promptly tweeted my friend Dianna and told her I was ready to be a Godmother again and she had better get busy! The baptism of her twin boys was a spiritual event I will never forget, and I was so honored to be a Godmother. The blessed oil that the priest uses to anoint the baby’s head has a smell that always brings me peace and joy, and the ancient symbolism of the ceremony is so moving, as are all the sacramental ceremonies in the Catholic Church. Of course if I was just a wee little bit younger I’d be considering trying to have my own little one to baptise, especially if I could have one as adorable as The Grasshoppa’s baby dumpling (those curls!!). I look at a picture of that child and ovulate, I swear!!

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One thought on “Who Cries During Real Housewives?”

  1. sigh …. you know I ADORE the chrism smell, and hate washing my babies afterwards.

    That day was amazing, and I'm so glad you could be a intregal part of it!

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