Who Do You Want In Your Zombie Apocalypse Group?

John and I are huge Walking Dead fans, and we usually watch Talking Dead afterwards as well, because we’re nerdy that way.  A couple of recent episodes have caused me to ponder what sort of people I’d want in my group – assuming I had a choice in the matter.

Rick told a new acquaintance there were three questions she’d have to answer before he’d decide if she could join the group.  I was anxiously awaiting the questions, but they never got asked for reasons I won’t go into so as not to spoil anything for those of you who aren’t caught up on all the episodes.  Then an audience member from Talking Dead asked the guests for the evening what their three questions would be (and got some fairly silly answers).  Then someone thought it would be a good idea to have Marilyn Manson as a guest on Talking Dead, and after hearing the nonsense spewing from his mouth I decided there were some people I would not want to battle zombies with even if I were all alone.  So after careful thought I have assembled a list (in random order) people I would consider essential members of any Zombie Apocalypse Group:

  • Someone who can cook well with limited ingredients and no electricity.  Remember that show on the Food Network where the guy had to do something ridiculous every week, like cook a four-course meal for fifty on a polar ice cap with a bunsen burner and some cheetos?  One of those people.
  • Someone who can build and fix things.  I’m not talking about an architect or an engineer here – by the time they finished their initial plans for a fence we’d all be zombie kibble.  I mean a handyman type – someone with an appreciation for duct tape and the term “good enough”.
  • Someone medical.  Again, no cardiovascular surgeons or dermatologists.  I’d like an ER nurse, an armed-services medic, or a veterinarian.  Gotta love Hershel.
  • Someone good with a gun, someone good with a knife, and someone good with a crossbow.  Ideally these would be three different people who could cross-train the rest of the group.
  • Someone spiritual.  A priest or pastor would be good – they’d have experience with leadership and counseling those in crisis.  An armed-services chaplain with experience in a combat zone would be my ideal selection.
  • The librarian.  This is the person who keeps track of the essential books for survival, like The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Where there Is  No Doctor, and a Bible of some sort.  And a Farmer’s Almanac.  Also a nice selection of paperbacks – I suspect being on zombie guard duty is pretty dull when you’re not being attacked.
  • A criminal.  Not an armed-robbery sort of criminal, just someone who knows how to pick locks and hotwire a car.  A guy who does a spectacular PowerPoint presentation probably isn’t going to be of nearly so much use.

What have I missed? What’s your skill set?  Since I can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a bazooka and every single day of my nursing career was cardiac-related I’m hoping for the Librarian post.  But maybe I’d better practice my lock-picking just in case.

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8 thoughts on “Who Do You Want In Your Zombie Apocalypse Group?”

  1. Oh! I wanna sign up! I can be the cook! I’m also quite handy, and a pretty good shot, especially from under 20 feet. I would also sign up for the librarian position but it’s your group so you get first pick. I think (assuming you’ll let me join your group, that is) we also need someone who can serve as a… social director, if you will, for down times, because some fun must be had, and someone who excels at organization, for scheduling work and rationing of food and all that. Oh wait! That should be me! Ok. We definitely still need some redneck weapon wielding types. Let me check my Facebook friends and I’ll get back to you with some names 😉

  2. Never mind the Zombies! I’m immune to zombies and although I enjoy as The Walking Dead as much as the next person, I think it could have been done with triffids, or giant killer pandas and been the same show.

    More to the point, how’s the NaNoWriMo?

    1. It could totally be the same. If it was killer pandas they’d have to move the shoot to somewhere cooler than Georgia, though – all the extras would die of heat stroke! I’m sucking at NaNo – I never been so prepared and written so little 🙁

  3. My wife and I will join your list. She’s a nurse and an excellent cook. She can also grow food from the seed.

    I’m a former Marine, law enforcement officer and mechanic. I can put a bullet through a grasshopper’s rear end at 500 yards. Oh, and I’m also studying to be a pastor.

    Gotcha covered!


  4. I think you should add Laura to your list, since she’s the best ER nurse I know. And Father Scott. He’s from the country, so he probably knows how to shoot a gun. 🙂

    1. Really, he’s a country boy? I wouldn’t have guessed that – guess I was too distracted by all his other stellar attributes. I REALLY miss Friday noon Mass 🙁

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