Why Don’t These Superhero Capes Come in My Size?

Help your little one discover the superhero within with this Superhero Decorating Kit. This kit includes EVERYTHING that you will need to make a personalized cape and mask for your Caped Crusader.

Each kit comes with your choice of color in plain cape PLUS all the supplies your kiddo needs to make an awesome cape!

Supplies include:

1 cape (you choose the color!)

1 large star and a piece of self adhesive felt to cut out your own initial

1 glitter glue stick for decorating

various smaller adhesive backed felt shapes (stars, glitter stars, hearts, lightning bolts, basketballs, footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, flowers, and any other fun shapes we can get our hands on!)

This kit makes a wonderful gift and a SUPER party activity!

(Customers will be contacted after completion of the sale to confirm color preferences.)

Click here to order, but hurry – deal will end 9/30/11 at 11:59pm MST
*disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links

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