Why I Blog

I blog because it enriches my life. It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that. Like many people, I started blogging to share pictures and stories about my children with friends and relatives across the country. Then I started “meeting” other bloggers. First I met them through comments and emails, memes and bloghops. THEN I met them in real life (IRL) at Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore this past March. I was hooked. There are so many brilliant, creative people doing fantastic things right now, and they are doing them on blogs! And on Twitter and BlogFrog and Facebook. Bloggers are joining communities like SITS and ThetaMom and they are interacting with people in such amazing ways. Whatever aspect of your life you want to examine, share, or improve – you can find it here! Blogging has brought my family closer, strengthened my friendships, and given me a creative outlet that makes me proud of myself (sometimes) and keeps me from taking myself too seriously (often). You will take blogging from me when you pry my iPhone from my cold, dead hands.

Remember Thelma and Louise? They will go home with one lucky participant in the SITS Back To Blogging Event, and I think they would be happiest at my house. In fact, I am prepared to repaint and replace the flooring in my pantry / laundry room just to make them feel comfy. Here are the people responsible for Thelma and Louise: Standards of Excellence, Westar, and Florida Builder Appliances. I don’t know who the genius is that came up with the idea to manufacture these in that perfectly gorgeous shade of turquoise, but I hope they got a big bonus!

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6 thoughts on “Why I Blog”

  1. Here, here! Oh yea, and you should warn a gal that she should put her morning java down before she reads, "You will take blogging from me when you pry my iPhone from my cold, dead hands." or else it can make a terrible mess when she chuckles out loud. As me how I know! :>:> Even with the terrible mess, I'm glad I hopped by here from SITS today! :>

  2. I hope I can get to a Bloggy Boot Camp next year. It just didn't work out this time around. I've heard nothing but great things about them and I'm glad you got to have such a wonderful experience.

  3. What you said!

    I haven't had an opportunity to attend any blogging conferences, but I have met a couple Alaskan bloggers IRL and I feel like I already know them from reading them!

  4. I *LOVE* your "I'd rather blog than clean" description of yourself — I'm with you, sister!

    Very glad I found your blog — and that of so many other great writers — this week during the SITS Challenge. Look forward to stopping back by 🙂

    Amanda Broadfoot
    "Life is a Spectrum"
    Latest post: "I blog because Spock and JFK told me to…"

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