Why I Can’t Behave in Panera or the Bookstore

— 1 —

I’m writing this post in Panera.  John will be having band practice from six to nine two or three days a week (in addition to after school practice two or three days a week) and since his school is a full thirty minutes away during rush hour I felt a need to devise a plan for more appropriate use of our time and resources . . . not to mention one that wouldn’t put my neck pain in the red zone every other day.

— 2 —

I take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about FaceBook.  I posted on the Band Parents page asking if there was anyone in my area interested in carpooling, and found a mom three miles away who also has a Freshman son.  John is on the drumline and her son is in the Pit, so it’s a perfect fit.  And on my carpool days I just stay near the school.  There’s a fabulous Goodwill, a Target, and this lovely Panera that I plan on turning into my personal office an evening or two a week.

— 3 —

Easier said than done, though.  I’m inherently nosy, and couldn’t help eavesdropping on the ‘horse show moms’ sitting a few feet away.  There was some “Poor me – I don’t have enough air-conditioned stable space for all my horses, only some of them.”  And then they moved on to “I’m really worried about buying this gelding in California sight-unseen, but there’s a waiting list of people who want him if I don’t snap him up.”  Obviously, I hadn’t seen them in Goodwill earlier.

— 4 —

Right now I’m having a hard time concentrating because of this other couple of young women.  I’m sitting in a far corner – they should be far enough awayfor me to ignore, but I can’t. Frizzy-Hair Blonde is behaving fairly normally, but Anorexic Ponytail is making me wish Panera served alcohol.  She has a voice meant for projecting volume over bleachers of screaming fans, or perhaps motivating a large group of people during a spin class.  Not for conversations in a restaurant about how many boob jobs one of her friends has had, who’s cheating on whom, and who’s on what psych meds.  To top it all off she sat in the booth the whole time in the lotus position eating a salad.  I’m very glad she’s not a friend of mine.

— 5 —

I went into Lexington earlier this week to go with my friend, Wendy, to a Tiffany Reisz reading and signing at a huge local bookstore.  If you’ve never been to a Tiffany event I highly recommend it.  I can honestly say it’s the only time I’ve ever wondered what it would take to get arrested for public indecency at a book signing.  I’ll never miss another opportunity like that!  Best of all, she was literally choking back tears as she read from her latest book, The Mistress.  This is an author who loves her characters, and I think that’s a large part of how she brings her characters so fully to life.

— 6 —

My step-mom, Edie, had outpatient knee surgery yesterday.  I’m so glad I was able to go in and keep my dad company while she was in surgery, and entertain Edie a bit before and after surgery.  OK, she was actually the main source of entertainment post-op.  She’s got a great sense of humor anyway, but nearly everyone is more entertaining coming out from under anesthesia.  Well, unless they’re throwing up, of course.  But that doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to.  Her doctors and nurses were all pleasant and professional, and she received excellent care.  She’s not one to willingly hold still, though, so please say a little prayer for patience for her during her recovery.  I’m all about the power of prayer!

— 7 — 

 I’m going to try to get some freezer cooking done today since our family life will revolve around John’s Marching Band schedule from now until November.  Then, tomorrow, I get to see Dianna’s daughter, Rachel, ride in a horse show!  I’m so excited there’s a show close enough for me to travel to, and Dianna swears the horse moms in her circle are nothing like the ones upon whom I was just eavesdropping 😉

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7 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Behave in Panera or the Bookstore”

  1. Buy some foam ear plugs they are available in any drug store. A box of 50 costs less than $5. They will help keep useless noise out and you can concentrate. Headphones and pandora work well too.
    PS. Did you know your getting ad pops when people are reading your blog? Well, they actually slide out from the right lower corner.

    1. OMG – thanks for telling me! I had no idea, and I am certainly not getting paid by anyone for pop-up ads!! I’ll have my tech support guy (Aaron) look into it).

  2. I love Panera’s Iced Green Tea. I was telling my kids the other day I wish they had a drive through. The people there can get on my nerves pretty easily, so I usually grab my tea to go!

  3. A huge thank you,Angie, for making the trip to Lexington last Thursday! It means more to Larry and me than you’ll ever know. I have however decided that I will try to work on my “routine” if I need any more anesthesia.
    Boy, I sure did feel good…..

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