Why I Despise Time Warner

Looking for a cable, phone, or internet provider? Look elsewhere, because Time-Warner is incompetent. I realize I’m preaching to the choir here – especially those in Louisville who couldn’t watch the UK football game, but I just need to vent.

When Time-Warner bought out Insight several months ago the changes started fast. Bills increased, services dropped, and customers started standing in line to turn in their cable boxes. We’d already been putting out feelers for other options since Insight’s prices were so high, so we were quick to switch to DISH for our cable needs. Quick installation, reasonable prices, and (for our family) a better selection of channels. Days later we switched to MagicJack for our home phone. Forty-five dollars a month through Time-Warner versus twenty dollars a year for MagicJack? It was a no-brainer, even with dropped calls now and then.

But the Time-Warner ordeal was just beginning. Even though my husband had taken our cable boxes to one of their locations, turned them in, and filled out forms to cancel our cable and phone service they kept charging us . . . for two months. Every phone call my husband or I would make, every time he went to the location in person, we got the run-around. “Yes, I can see an error was made, but I can’t fix it. Let me try to find you someone who can.”

Meanwhile, our internet (the sole remaining service we have with Time-Warner) went out. It took them a week to get a technician here, and when he did arrive he told me it was clear that Time-Warner had TURNED OFF OUR CABLE INTENTIONALLY. By the time I got through playing the “Then I suppose I need to speak to your supervisor” game that day instead of a three-hundred dollar bill our account had a three dollar credit. Fixed, right? Oh, no.

Friday afternoon our internet went out again. Since the tech who’d been to the house less than two weeks ago had run a completely new line when he hooked us back up I felt sure Time-Warner had “accidentally” turned off our service again. Even though it was five o’clock on the Friday of a holiday weekend I refused to be satisfied with anything less than having our service turned back on THAT NIGHT. The tech who came to turn it on admitted he had been the one to cut it off earlier in the day, and showed me the work order (which I took a picture of in case I need it later). Being an independent contractor, not an employee of Time-Warner (which means he works full-time for them but they don’t have to give him any benefits at all) he felt comfortable enough to tell me I could expect to continue having my Internet turned off frequently and without notice – there’s a glitch in the system.

I really don’t want to switch internet providers. DISH is too slow, AT&T are a bunch of crooks who mailed us an installation appointment after we’d simply called to check rates and availability, and I hear everyone else is unreliable. Oh, and the cherry on top of the cake? I called back to thank the final person I spoke with – the one who’d managed to get a tech out here on a Friday night. The gum-chewing, “whatever”-spouting lump of apathy I reached told me whoever I was looking for wasn’t there, and there was no way she could leave her a voice mail, email, or note to express my thanks. So thanks, Cassandra, and I hope you get a job soon somewhere you will be appreciated.

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