Why Moms of Teens Need Bigelow Tea

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America's Tea Bigelow Tea from Walmart

When I was replenishing my tea supply the other day for this #CollectiveBias post I went to our closest Walmart. I love it for quick trips because it’s not a huge/mega/super grocery store. You can’t buy furniture there, and they don’t have a sushi chef or a Starbuck’s. But it’s perfect for quickly and easily finding groceries, and I don’t have to park a half-mile away. It reminds me of what grocery stores were like when I was a kid 🙂

location in store

The tea aisle was easy to find, and I had plenty of choices, but Vanilla Chai sounded too good to pass up!

vanilla chai

I knew a package of Earl Grey was coming home with me, because that’s my husband’s favorite and we were almost out. But I browsed a bit before selecting Vanilla Chai for my bedtime tea. As the mom of a teen I need a soothing, calming bedtime routine as much as my youngest did when he was little. (Isn’t my Walking Ware teacup adorable? It makes me smile after the most stressful days!)

bedtime vanilla chai

When John was a wild and crazy toddler I looked forward longingly to years in the future, when I wouldn’t be chasing him around parks, my house wouldn’t have crayon murals, and he wouldn’t always be on the verge of being kicked out of Mother’s Day Out. Now that he’s a thoughtful, caring, hard-working fifteen-year-old I can look back on those days fondly. Back then I didn’t know how busy Back-to-School would be, especially as a Marching Band Parent. Don’t get me wrong – I love marching band and I highly recommend it for incoming high school students. Your child has a hundred friends before the first day of school, and they are all hard-working, dedicated kids who simply don’t have the time or energy to get into any trouble 😉

But oh, my – the hours. This coming weekend there’s a marching band contest at the far end of the state, and the buses won’t roll into the parking lot until 2:15 in the morning. Then they unload everything before parents can load them into the car to go home. I pack up a thermos of hot tea, because even during warm weather it’s cool in the middle of the night. I certainly don’t want coffee, because I’d never go to sleep! But Earl Grey hits just the right balance for me. If you’re waiting to pick up kids from practice or competition, or just waiting in carpool line, check out Bigelow’s website or Facebook Page, or just see what they’re up to on Twitter!

late night tea

You can bet we won’t be getting up early Sunday morning, but maybe around noon I can sweet-talk my hubby into making one of his wonderful brunches. This one is a tradition in his family: ham, hominy, and eggs. It’s more a technique than a recipe. It’s thick slices of ham, warmed on a skillet, canned white hominy, warmed, and fried eggs. Pile it all on a plate, slice it up, and enjoy!

ham eggs hominy

My husband is a great cook, but anytime he makes breakfast, even if we haven’t been out until three in the morning, it takes until noon before he’s finished. I suspect that’s because he makes his tea first, and then watches old episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation while he cooks. Captain Picard, you’ll remembers, takes his tea, “Earl Grey, hot.” My husband likes his tea strong, but then he pours in enough sugar and milk that it’s nearly unrecognizable.

star trek next gen

We didn’t manage a vacation this summer, but I’ve got a friend who often goes to Charleston. I had no idea until her first vacation there that Bigelow Tea’s plantation there is America’s largest working tea garden! That made me feel even better about my usual tea selection, since Bigelow is made in America by an American family. Bigelow has also sent almost four million bags of tea to troops overseas – talk about getting a taste of home! It truly is #AmericasTea. I also hear the plantation is a lovely place for weddings. I’ve already got Pinterest boards forming in my head of centerpieces made of groups of mis-matched cups and saucers planted with live flowers, a tea-cup groom’s cake – somebody please rein me in! Or just visit this Pinterest board for more ideas 😉

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