Will it Ever Be Spring?

— 1 —

Another snow and ice storm hit us at the beginning of the week, making the kids’ summer vacation two days shorter and ruining everyone’s plans for Monday and Tuesday. I was supposed to have my first outpatient psychiatrist appointment on Monday, but now I’ll be waiting another couple of weeks. Not a problem, though. From what I hear he’s a rock-star when it comes to selecting meds, but not really much on talking. That’s OK, I have a therapist for that.

— 2 —

If I wasn’t giving up negative self-talk for Lent I’d say I’m a major slacker in the writing competition I’m supposed to be participating in this month. But instead I’ll say I’ve been writing some (which is more than none) and thinking a lot more about writing 🙂

— 3 —

My neurologist has referred me to yet another pain management center to see if I’m a candidate for an implantable spinal stimulator to reduce my pain. Anyone have one of these? Or know anyone who has one? I’d really like some first-person advice on this.

— 4 —

We e-filed our taxes, and received our refund in just six days – YAY! Unfortunately, the amount of our refund was only about half of the total amount we’re behind on bills. And why are we behind on bills? Because my disability insurance company sucks and hasn’t paid me since September of 2013. And now they are refusing to even request any of the pertinent medical records themselves. I have to request them, pick them up, and pay to send them to the company. But I’m doing it, because I refuse to give up. Why do people have disability insurance? So that if something unexpected happens and they can’t work they will have money to help pay their bills. I paid my premiums, and I will get the benefits I deserve.

— 5 —

dog shelter

This is the shelter I built for Boss in Michael’s closet. For whatever reason, that was the spot Boss would hide in, shivering, when the weather got bad. So I decided to make it comfy, with a blankie that goes over him once he’s in. Has he used it? No, of course not. He’s like the kid who plays with the box more than the gift inside. *sigh*

— 6 —

Has everyone heard about the new game, Floppy Rex? Here’s a link, and here’s his Twitter account. Because a dinosaur in a grass skirt trying to avoid rainbows should have a Twitter account, right? My youngest son is a total addict, because even though it looks like an old-fashioned, easy computer game it’s deceptively hard. The first time he played it he scored four. That’s right, four. Pass it on to your game-obsessed kids just to watch them get frustrated. Don’t try it yourself – it will crush your self-esteem. I tried, and got a message saying, “Floppy Rex pities you.”

— 7 —

Remember when kids came home and told their parents silly knock-knock jokes? I miss those days. These are the jokes I get around here these days:

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2 thoughts on “Will it Ever Be Spring?”

  1. Hey Angie…. I think my friend Barb may have had the spinal stimulator. I’m going to see her tomorrow at her daughter’s wedding, and I will do my very best to remember to ask her about it! Sooooooo glad you’re back blogging.

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