Worst Morning Sickness Ever!

Not mine of course! I’m loving the Nonna life. I’d love it more if they lived next door, but technology being what it is I still get to see all the little day-to-day changes in Emma. Her eyes are blue like her Daddy’s, but they were so very dark early on that it was hard to tell without the right lighting. Now the color is starting to “star” out from her pupils, and it’s a lighter blue. Not at light as Aaron’s – a very intense, deep blue like the water you’d see from a Greek Isle. Babies are the reward for nine months of throwing up, being grumpy, and waddling to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. And that’s just if you’re lucky and have a normal pregnancy!

I have a friend who is expecting her third. She has two of the most amazing kids I’ve ever met. They are gorgeous, brilliant, loving, and off-the-charts clever at problem-solving. And they are only 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years of age (approximately). I help out when their grandmother babysits for date-night weekly, and have done so since the youngest was about 4 weeks old. Lisa lives only about 5 minutes from her grand-kids, and gets pictures or videos delivered in the morning. So of course she drops by several times a week. This past date night she told me the latest development: Mama’s morning sickness has morphed into all-day sickness, and the kiddos are following her to the bathroom and making retching noises while she throws up!!

Can you imagine?? Darn good thing they’re so cute!

This one made me laugh until I cried, so I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week.

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6 thoughts on “Worst Morning Sickness Ever!”

    1. Oh, goodness – I just snorted wine out my nose! I’ll have to pass that along! They’re probably disappointed no one applauds for them like with the ABC song or putting together puzzle pieces!!

  1. For her sake I hope this does not last all pregnancy long. She will appreciate this story so much more when it is only a memory!

  2. There is something about being a grandparent that I think allows you to enjoy kids on another level. You don’t have that pressure involved in making sure they turn into wonderful adults, you can just love on them as they are and hand them back to their parents! Perfect!! I love how much you love your grandbabies!!

    1. It really is wonderful. Sometimes I think it was healthier (psychologically) when people lived three generations to a house. I’d have sold my soul for eight straight hours sleep now and then when each of my boys were small. Now I count the days until I can help my friend babysit her two precious grandsons for “date night” each week – it’s wonderful! I just wish I could be there to do the same for little Emma, but she’s over 1,000 miles away 🙁 The pics and videos help me and my hubby SO much. I just wish I had a friend a few streets away from them I could send over every Friday night. The endorphins from baby snuggles are SO worth it, don’t you think?

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