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He drew on careful investigation over the ground, suddenly stood still in one place. "It hurt the most obvious path that looks like the impact caused by sharp objects, Mr. See the evening, when Zhangcheng Ying face of a happy and immediately approached walked a few steps in front of the evening among the road, "the girl, a coincidence, really fate ah!" He wanted to hide to see the evening among the direct closing doors, "Since adult and busy evening among not bother!" But the door only to turn off half, it was given Zhangcheng Ying stopped. Although the evening among the exhibits of this too thoroughly utilize some, but those who told the Royal dangerous people, put his jacket Zhibuding word go. She does not remember what to do in the evening drew on, it did not know if I have to see her face clearly some Ning, Feng Yu sneer, "how? Unable to speak? He says people are not you kill?" Is on the rise suddenly on the evening among the phoenix feather line of sight, but her eyes so sharp, Feng Yu Yi Zheng, eye bottom doubts deepened a bit, then they just listen drew on, "I Although there is no alibi, but I can prove it absolutely not my people killed, as long as the adults are willing to allow me to look at the corpse! " "Look corpse? This . cheap nfl Jerseys

Heard, but did not expose the evening among the expected relaxed look, but frowned, apparently not satisfied with this answer. She is familiar with the inner courtyard of the palace, and then find a few direct, eventually, in the hospital from their recent fall garden found trampled flowers, and not surprisingly found a lost piece of cloth. relpica nfl Jerseys Her gaze Zhangcheng Ying Feng Che face and sweep a circle, a look that is both embarrassed to annihilate, a bad cop a cop, not the only purpose is to examine the bodies of her to stay it? SCIENCE Super King But since the money ." Evening among a pumping mouth, saying, she is also one of the suspects? Mouguang look to Zhangcheng Ying, "Da man This is the meaning?" "This .

Original evening among the really shallow knowledge, coupled with the original identity, if not earlier understanding on the court, and she simply do not know these great men, and therefore information about the three princes Fung Fung Che is less and the mind less. Forum Search go seven palace, was the evening among the prison guards from inside help out on the carriage. Yes ah, before the trial, but a trial of strength this evening among cry, just self-pot of cold water poured wake up, at the moment not only cry, but also Shenqingziruo, stir the capital can face three earthshaking somebody actually eyelids children are blinking, and just look to see when the second wife. Trail only one exit, through the door of the inn, now long to get out, she did not care too much. nfl Jerseys free shipping " Da people hesitate to see the phoenix Che, two thousand two hundred is not a small sum, enough for a seven items magistrate a year's salary, and this woman, really is a big opening! Feng Che is a faint smile, "The king plus two thousand, and the same yesterday, to identify the case, how?" Zhangcheng Ying suddenly look up some weird, looked Fung Che look, see Fung Che looks the same, he will stand perpendicular to the side, did not speak.

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