Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ April 21

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Join me every Monday to share a favorite snippet from your work in progress – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever suits your fancy! Write it in a post and link it up below, or just share in the comments section. Use this as an opportunity to hold yourself accountable – don’t let Monday roll around and find you with no new words written ūüėȬ†Today I’m not using my WIP, I’m sharing something I found in my “drafts” folder under the title Curtain of Pain. I wrote it a long time ago, but some days it’s still a feeling I can relate to.

The pain is a curtain, thick and suffocating. ¬†It closes me off in the dark, away from the world outside. ¬†I can’t get relief from its weight – it is too huge for me to manage. ¬†Buried beneath its folds I hold very still, barely breathing. ¬†I pray for the curtain to lift, to transform into the ¬†pale sheers of my childhood windows, floating on breezes and teasing the sunbeams.

Pain is weakness leaving the body. That’s what it says on the T-shirt of the young father at the table near me. ¬†But if that’s the case then the weakness cascading from my every pore and drenching those around me should be causing a panic. ¬†The two women in tennis skirts would slump from their chairs, unable to even answer their trilling cell phones. ¬†The young dad, tanned and muscled from daily runs, would crush his toddler daughter beneath him as he leans over her, trying to shield her from sharp table edges.

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2 thoughts on “Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ April 21”

  1. How can pain be profound, lyrical, and beautiful? I guess because it’s the writing that is profound, lyrical, and beautiful.

    May gentleness and peace fill you, both physically and emotionally.

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