Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ March 10

love to write

Join me every Monday to share a favorite snippet from your work in progress – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever suits your fancy! Write it in a post and link it up below, or just share in the comments section. Use this as an opportunity to hold yourself accountable – don’t let Monday roll around and find you with no new words written 😉

“Thank you.” Jimmy handed her a crystal highball glass with three fingers of Maker’s and three cubes of ice, which they had decided one late night -or very early morning – years ago was the ideal ratio of whiskey to ice. His fingers touched hers briefly and Anna felt a spark pass between them.  When she looked up, a quip about static electricity on the tip of her tongue, she met Jimmy’s gaze, and other thoughts fled as she realized her friend’s eyes were the same clear greenish blue as the ocean in the painting of a seaside town in Greece that hung between the bookcases to her right.

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4 thoughts on “Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ March 10”

  1. Here’s a peek at my work-in-progress:

    The wedding planner and her future mother-in-law from hell spouted off additional site candidates. Cathedrals, gardens, a Victorian hotel, blah, blah, blah. Briella ping-ponged her head, pointing it from one to the other as they rambled on. How the hell was she going to deal with this for three weeks? Oh, and then she’d have a loveless marriage to deal with for the next five years. Oh, joy to be her.

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