Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ March 24

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Join me every Monday to share a favorite snippet from your work in progress – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever suits your fancy! Write it in a post and link it up below, or just share in the comments section. Use this as an opportunity to hold yourself accountable – don’t let Monday roll around and find you with no new words written 😉

He took a shallow sip, and began to breathe easier.  “Blood clots in lungs.  Temporary.” His free hand made a circular motion to indicate his head and chest.

“Yes.  I understand.  Jimmy told me you were looking for someone to help out during your recovery.”  Anna took a sip.

“Job description.”  Adam handed Anna a one-page bullet-point list that included such things as running errands, returning phone calls, screening emails, paying bills, and supervising household staff.  As she was reading Anna heard a distinctive noise and looked up to see him lighting a cigarette and tucking the pack and lighter back into the pocket of his heavily starched designer dress shirt.  “You mind?”  Adam asked with a slight wheeze, raising one eyebrow and gesturing with the cigarette.

“Doesn’t bother me.”  Anna said with a shrug, wondering if this guy was even going to live long enough to hire her.

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3 thoughts on “Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ March 24”

  1. Nice snippet, Angie! Makes me wonder about Anna’s future boss, and her job security. 😛

    Here’s mine:
    “Home now, Miss Briella?” The chauffer asked, holding the door open, patting the pup on the head as his passenger climbed inside.

    “One more stop first. You know where the Peacock is?” She gave him instructions. “And for God’s sake, just call me Briella, or Bree, but stop with the formalities. You’re gonna be stuck driving me around for the next five years, you know.”

    “Sure thing, Bree,” he said, nodding apprehensively. “Except when Miss Pru can hear me.”

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