Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ March 3

M’kay – I’m participating in a writing challenge for the month of March. My goal: 20,000 words – not unreasonable at all. But as of noon on the second day of March how many words do you think I have written? That’s right, none. Zero. Nada. Nothing. So in order to hold myself accountable not just to the members of Louisville Romance Writers, but to the world in general (’cause, yeah, the whole world reads my blog, right?) I’m starting a weekly meme. Whether you’re a struggling non-published (except for a cookbook) writer like me or you’re doing edits on your fiftieth best-seller you need to keep writing. And since we all know that once you’ve written it, it’s legally yours, sharing tidbits of your work is not setting yourself up to have your work stolen. If anything, it’s whetting the appetite of your readers for what they can expect next! Share any genre of fiction or non-fiction. Share poetry, bits of screenplays, or song lyrics. Write it on your own blog or website and link it up below, or share in the comment sections and link to your website if you prefer. Here’s a tidbit from my WIP:

Anna Simpson was the prettiest girl in Lexington.  That’s what many had told her anyway, and since Anna could spot a lie a mile away she had no reason not to believe them.  Not that it mattered.  The only thing she cared about right then was making sure her bright yellow Beetle would get her all the way to the gulf coast, and engines didn’t care about pretty.  The small backseat was stuffed full of clothes and shoes.  There were four quarts of oil in her passenger seat floorboard. A large sweet tea from McDonald’s filled her cup holder. 

love to write

Join me every Monday to share a favorite snippet from your work in progress – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever suits your fancy! Write it in a post and link it up below, or just share in the comments section. Use this as an opportunity to hold yourself accountable – don’t let Monday roll around and find you with no new words written 😉

P.S. If there’s enough interest after a few weeks to keep this going I’ll make a button (or beg my son, AKA my personal IT guy to make one. Thanks to Mary Jo for the inspiration birdie!

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3 thoughts on “Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ March 3”

  1. I’m with Edie. I already love it. And I already love Anna. I’ve driven many a car that required me to carry around oil cans in my floorboard. Now I’m off to find something I can share so I can link up!

  2. Love it! What a great idea, and I can’t wait for you to finish your WIP so I can read all about Anna! 🙂

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