Write What You Love, Love What You Write ~ March 31

love to write

Join me every Monday to share a favorite snippet from your work in progress – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever suits your fancy! Write it in a post and link it up below, or just share in the comments section. Use this as an opportunity to hold yourself accountable – don’t let Monday roll around and find you with no new words written 😉

Anna’s eyes met Jimmy’s and he wasn’t certain what he saw there. Affection, certainly, but more than that? Her brow furrowed and she rubbed her lips together as if she’d just put on chapstick. Then her mouth opened with a barely audible pop. Jimmy smiled, recognizing a mannerism that had been Anna’s as long as he’d known her. It was her “deep in thought, working out a plan” look. He’d have bet she didn’t even know she did it. But something about what he’d said had made her think, and he couldn’t see that as anything but good news for him.

“I’ve missed you. I don’t think I’d realized how much until the night you called me . . . after you’d left Curt.” He gazed deep into her whisky-colored eyes, remembering all the emotions that had washed through him that night, when all he had of her was her trembling voice on the phone. Now she was at his side, and only a fool would miss this chance again.

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