Yes, I’m snarky today

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Oh, a new meme, and it really suits my mood for today – SNARKY. I’m working my way through “The Secret” which is all about being positive and banishing all negative thoughts and emotions from your life to “attract good things into your life.”

(insert crickets chirping)

Yeah, you can just imagine how well that’s working for me so far. I do intend to give it a fair shot, though, so I think I’ll just get all this negativity out of my system and put it behind me! Here’s the short list of people/things who can thank me later:
1.) The boys can thank me later for not scattering their clean clothes around the backyard. I did briefly consider it. I did laundry Tuesday, washed and dried all their stuff and folded it neatly into a basket for each boy. Then I reminded them to go downstairs, bring up their baskets, and put away their clothes. I went down after work today to do laundry AGAIN and guess where their baskets were.
2.) The computer can thank me later for not throwing IT into the backyard for flashing the “blue screen of death” three days after a reformat. There is NOTHING on this computer – what can be causing a problem?
3.) The Wellness Center can thank me later for not pitching a hissy fit when the hot tub wasn’t working last night when I went to aquatherapy. I know, that sounds trivial, but I’ve had two neurosurgeries on my neck in the past year, am having constant pain, and can really only talk myself into showing up for aquatherapy and shoving my fat, winter-pale butt into a swimsuit by dangling the carrot of “time in the hot tub afterwards”, so a screaming, crying fit seemed very reasonable at the time.
AAAH, I feel better!
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2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m snarky today”

  1. Lovely, lovely lovely post! You did it better than I did and I came up with the dang thing! Hat it when that happens, but love your post so it's okay! Thanks for participating:)

  2. It must be the phase of the moon or the coming storm. Snarky would be calm to my attitude yesterday. The dogs would not even come around me. I actually screened my calls for fear of saying something to someone that I would regret later.

    Today is a new day and so far so good.

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