Yippee! Back to School! Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop

Here’s the the prompt I chose this week:
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1.) What will you be doing now that the kids are back in school?
Of course I have already resumed my daily litany of questions for each of the boys every afternoon: “Have you done your homework? Do you have studying to do? Is there anything in your backpack I need to see? Have you emptied out your lunchbag?” Will it be inappropriate for me to call Aaron at college next year and ask these questions? Thankfully, this is the first year I don’t have to also ask, “Do you have a uniform clean for tomorrow?” Both boys are now in public school, and although Jack’s school has a pretty strict dress code it’s very liberating to not have to be limited to navy pants and white shirts every single day. Being the type-A planner and goal setter that I am of course I had a very specific plan for the time between when I get off work (1:00 pm) and the time I have to leave the house to go get Jack in carpool (3:15 pm). Are you ready for this? EXERCISE! Yes, my plan was to go to the gym I pay membership fees to every month, which happens to be right around the corner from work, and exercise from 1:15 pm until 3:00 pm. They have wonderful weight equipment, a running track, lots of treadmills and ellipticals, and a pool. There are personal trainers on staff to set up my own personal workout plan. The kids have been in school five days as of today, so guess how many times I’ve been to the gym. That’s right – NONE! What have I been doing instead, you ask? Repainting the house? Learning Italian? Volunteering at a homeless shelter? Nope, I go home to my nice quiet house, pour a glass of sweet tea, and play on the computer. Oooh, I’m finally doing that online photography class or researching environmentally friendly home renovations, right? Nope, but I have really leveled up on both Farm Town and Farmville. Maybe next week.
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4 thoughts on “Yippee! Back to School! Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop”

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Farm Town and Farmville. I totally understand forgetting your good intentions to plow those fields one more time!

  2. I keep trying to get my dad to do a farm game on facebook. He loves farming in real life. Do you think he would like it on facebook? Have fun at the gym!

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