Your project’s due WHEN?

Here’s the Mama Kat post I’m inspired by today: “Relay an entertaining conversation or string of emails you recently had with someone.” This conversation began yesterday on the way home from school.

ME: How was school today?
JACK: Fine.
ME: I bet it’s hard to get back in the swing of things after being off with a long weekend and then snow days. Do you have much homework?
JACK: Nah, not much. Do we have three pieces of poster board at home?
ME: I may have one or two, but not three. We can stop by Target on the way home if you have to have them tonight. Are they for a project?
JACK: Yeah.
ME: When’s the project due?
JACK: Tomorrow.
ME (on full alert now): What does it involve?
JACK: Oh, it’ll be really quick. It’s just a demonstration speech and it has to have posters with instructions and stuff.
ME (blood pressure rising): So you have to demonstrate how to do something, give a speech, and present posters detailing how to do whatever it is? That sounds pretty involved. How long have you known about this project? Because when I asked you while you were out of school you said you didn’t have any projects to work on.
JACK: Mmmm, well . . .
JACK: Two weeks maybe, but I guess I forgot about it until today.
ME (trying to focus): And what are you planning to demonstrate?
JACK (happily): Juggling!

Several hours, a full-blown psycho-mom rant, and TWO trips to Target later he had a project put together that involved not juggling, but shirt-folding. And yeah, he’s SOOOO grounded. He’ll thank me later – probably MUCH later, when he’s being tortured by his own school-age children.
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7 thoughts on “Your project’s due WHEN?”

  1. That is absolutely hilarious!!! Mostly because I have had a psycho rant a time or 2!! One of these days, I think I actually will explode from frustration!

  2. Love it!! I just do not understand why they wait til the very last minute to do these things? I am so glad that my daughter is out of school but I can so remember those projects due, papers due the very next day!! Frustrating!!

  3. Haha, that's funny. My mom has been through this several times with four kids. I feel bad for her already and I don't have kids yet. You're a good mom!

    Here by way of mama kat!

  4. I liked our conversation following that one —-
    Me: "Does he know how to juggle?"

    You: (screeching) 'OF COURSE NOT!!'

    Me: laughing hysterically —- and still am!

    Love you!

  5. doncha just love those "last minute" projects that they've known about for weeks and you just found out about!?

    Makes me wanna throw things, haha.

  6. I don't have kids…but I can definetly relate with you since I have a husband. I found a form last night on the table that was due Feb 1st for his business. Yeah its the 21st and he had a MONTH for me to fill it out. He said that he didn't want to bother me as I have been busy… yeah I have been busy, but I don't turn things in that are LATE!

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