You’ve Seen the LAST of a Lot of Me!

It’s finally going to happen. I’m going to have bariatric surgery. Gastric Sleeve in early August. I kid my husband that for our twenty-ninth anniversary this year he’s getting a new wife. Angie 2.0, if you will 😉 And hopefully between losing a hundred pounds to reduce the stress on my lower back and starting on EHT, a dietary supplement that may help my neck and upper back pain. . . I can turn back time.

Wow. Love the song, but if you ever consider plastic surgery take a look at recent pics of Cher. Or Priscilla Presley. We all have to grow older, but I want to do it as slowly and with as much grace as possible. So since my activity level is less than my nearly-one-hundred-year-old grandmother (seriously – it is!) because of chronic pain I’m taking drastic steps.

It took me a long time to make this decision. At each step I’d call and make an appointment, then cancel it. Call and make an appointment, then cancel it. And God bless all the people who’ve had bariatric surgery I’ve annoyed the hell out of with my questions. I’m a nurse who’s seen young, healthy people die the day after a gastric bypass. I’ve talked to people who’ve had gastric banding, lost the weight, then gained it all back. I’ve met people who lost a lot of weight quickly and weren’t prepared for the effects of weight loss on their skin who’ve ended up having more surgery to fix loose skin.

So here’s the plan. I changed my plan about which of the three currently available procedures to use so many times I lost count. I talked to a dietician, a nurse, a counselor, multiple people in the waiting room, and the medical assistant who weighed me twice on every scale in the office since my weight was forty-five pounds less than my Internal Medicine doc’s scale. I think his medical assistant put her foot on it just to be a bitch. She’s never liked me. They sent me home and told me to enter all my info on this website to see what I could expect with each surgery, and gave me a huge binder to read that included everything down to a list of what to pack for the hospital and a grocery shopping list for the first couple of weeks (that one’s pretty depressing). Either whomever put together the packet is OCD and dear to my heart or they finally had too many engineer patients and made it up in self-defense. Anyway, I looked at it and made my decision, then sent my husband to the same website without telling him which I’d selected. We both decided on the sleeve procedure for the same reasons.

Of course I thought that clinched the deal, but when I met with the surgeon whom I’d selected (love her!) she said that I’d need and EGD to make sure there were no unknown surprises in my upper GI tract before surgery. I was sweating that a bit, since I’ve been on strong non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for a long time, and didn’t know if I could do without them pain-wise or if there was a big ulcer I hadn’t noticed since my pain tolerance is roughly that of the Terminator at this point. But I stopped the NSAID, my pain didn’t change (still sucky, but not more sucky) and dodging the gangsta pigeon in the parking garage and letting my sixteen-year-old drive me home were more stressful than the procedure itself. Oh, and just a little gastritis. Yay, me!

So I’m stocking up on Nerium Firm, which I will take to the hospital and slather all over my body twice a day so I don’t get loose skin, and I’m ordering my Nerium EHT, which was just made available for monthly auto-ship yesterday. It has helped my husband’s memory significantly, and I’ve finally seen enough testimonies about it helping pain that I’m willing to get my hopes up once again and try it. After all, it activates tau proteins, and improves communication between neurons at the cellular level. Yes, I admit I was waiting on others to try it to see if it made pain worse or better, and much better seems to be the consensus from the personal stories I’ve read. . . so I’m in. If I can reduce the pain I can maybe blow-dry my hair, clean my house, perhaps even do some limited yoga eventually. I know it’s not realistic to think I’d ever be able to run or do an aerobics class again, but I’d love to improve my balance and flexibility. Stay posted!

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13 thoughts on “You’ve Seen the LAST of a Lot of Me!”

  1. What a great thing you’re doing! I’m very interested to stay posted… so I signed up to get updates via email. I sure do send hope and happiness your way in journey. I know it can be hard. Visiting you from Mama Kat’s.

    1. Great – welcome aboard! I’ll be posting all the details, but don’t hesitate to email me if you have specific questions! In my opinion it would be selfish of me to go through something major in my life (good OR bad) and not share if sharing can help someone else who may be in my same position. Gotta pay it forward!

    1. Thanks so much! My goals may change as I go along (I always set my sights high!) but as long as I can move in the right direction I’ll be happy 🙂

  2. More power to you! You are brave to take these steps and doubly brave to share. Keep us posted on the progress. I hope the results are great.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I’ll be sharing. In my opinion it would be selfish of my to go through something major in my life (good OR bad) and not share if sharing can help someone else who may be in my same position. Gotta pay it forward!

  3. Good luck with your surgery! My SIL had the same and she looks fantastic, and feels so much better.

    I’m a good 40 pounds overweight, I’m guessing (because I broke the scale when it accidentally jumped off the second floor balcony after jokingly saying I weighed much more than I do) but I need to loose, too, as the belly is causing some sort of nasty reflux thing. Now, if I could find a way to lose weight and still eat Krispy Kreme donuts, I’m golden….

  4. Best wishes to you on your upcoming surgery. My brother -in- law had it done about 5-6 years ago and did fabulously well. He still has kept his weight off.

    I still remember the phone call he made to us the day he left to have the surgery (it wasn’t done in our area), he said, “I’m leaving to go start my new life.”

  5. That is amazing news!!
    Good luck to you! I wish you all the best on that day and all the days afterwards. You sound more than prepared. It’s go time!!!

  6. You certainly know how to do your homework in preparation! So happy for you and really hoping this opens the door to some less painful day-to-day living!

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